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  • Quote or Order O-Rings Online from the O-Ring Specialist.
  • Largest O-Ring inventory network in the world available online, manufacturer direct pricing with same day shipping available .
  • Any O-Ring size, O-Ring material, O-Ring durometer, O-Ring color, O-Ring brand like Parker O-Rings, Military Mil-Spec O-Rings available.  You name it we supply it.
  • O-Ring size standards: USA AS568 O-Rings, 2- Parker O-Rings, Japanese JIS O-Rings, Metric O-Rings, British BS1806, Custom O-Rings typically with no tool fees .
  • O-Rings are available in any material: FKM Viton® O-Rings, NBR Buna-N O-Rings, FFKM Markez® O-Rings, Aflas® O-Rings, Silicone O-Rings, EPDM O-Rings, FEP PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings are most common.
    We supply all materials, duro, color, compliance...
  • Medical Grade O-Rings, USP Class VI O-Rings, FDA O-Rings, Drinking Water NSF-61 O-Rings, 3A O-Rings, Conductive O-Rings, Metal Detectable O-Rings, EMI Shielding O-Rings, UL Listed O-Rings, Explosive Decompression O-Rings, Semiconductor O-Rings, Nuclear O-Rings, High Temperature O-Rings, High Pressure O-Rings, Chemical Resistant O-Rings...
  • O-Ring Design and reference Guides: O-Ring sizing charts, O-Ring material selection Guides, Mil-Spec O-Ring chart, O-Ring fluid compatibility guide, O-Ring gland design guide, O-Ring failure analysis guide, O-Ring kit assortments, O-Ring tools, O-Ring lubrication, O-Ring inspection services, anything not listed here, just ask .
  • Need a custom formulation to improve performance in a specific application to separate yourself from the competition? Let us prove how responsive our application engineers are.  Our specialty materials often cost less than our competitiors standards.
  • O-Ring Sealing Performance Differentiates Finished Product Quality and Service Life
    Cheap O-Rings can be Very Costly
O-ring Splice Bond

Giant O-Rings >35"ID Molded and Spliced

  • View our continuous molded giant O-Rings and bonded O-Ring selection guide
  • Various manufacturing methods with various to produce O-Rings fast without tooling charges.
  • Great for prototyping, fast and low cost.
  • Various manufacturing methods with various performance and cost considerations.
Teflon Encapsulated O-ring Seal

FEP PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings

  • FEP PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings combine ultimate chemical resistance of FEP PTFE with the compressability of rubber or steel spring core.
  • Select from the various core options to satisfy your application
  • FEP PTFE stiffness can require custom gland design to maximize sealing by using the right amount of compression force to maintain a seal without over compressing which can shorten seal life.  FFKM and Spring Energized Lip Seals are alternatives.
  • Some diameters and cross sections are too small to produce.  FFKM O-Rings are and alternative.
  • Largest O-Ring inventory network in the world, manufacturer direct pricing with same day shipping available .
O-ring Kits

O-Ring Kits and Assortments

  • O-Ring Kits and Seal assortment kits.
O-ring Splicing Kit

O-Ring Splicing Kits

  • O-Ring Splicing Kits to make your own O-Rings in the field.
Parker O-Lube

O-Ring Installation Lubricants

  • O-Ring lubricants can be used to limit O-Ring damage durng installation.
  • O-Ring lubricants can extend the sealing service life in some basic applications.
  • Consider internally lubricated O-Ring materials to improve dynamic performance.

O-ring Sizing Cone Accessory

O-Ring Measuring Tools

  • O-Ring sizing cones and measuring tools
O-ring Installation Tool Accessory

O-Ring Extraction-Install Tools

  • O-Ring must be installed without twisting and strategically placed parting line.
O-ring Splice Adhesive

O-Ring Adhesive

  • Adhesive Designed to quickly cold bond rubber.
  • We tried dozens, this has the wide range of performance.
  • Sand and Clean Rubber Surface for Best Results.
  • Not for use with Silicone

EMI Shielding Gasket

Conductive O-Rings (RFI EMI Shielding)

  • EMI Shielding O-Rings and EMI Shielding Gaskets.
  • Conductive O-Rings and Static Dissipative Seals.
  • View our EMI Shielding Material Selection Guide
  • Mil-DTL-83528 EMI Shielding Materials
  • Nickel Graphite Silicone Shielding , Silver Aluminum Silicone Shielding.
  • Ohmerishield the Chomerics® alternative EMI Shielding Gaskets lower cost similar performance.
  • Ohmerishield the Laird alternative EMI Shielding Gaskets lower cost similar performance.
  • Ohmerishield the Schlegel alternative EMI Shielding Gaskets lower cost similar performance.
X-ring Cross Section

X-Rings and Quad-Ring® Seals

  • Recommended for low speed reciprocating or oscillatory motion if O-Rings twist.
  • Provides lower friction than O-Rings and Square Rings.
  • X-Rings are interchangeable with O-Ring sizes and glands design.
  • Available in the same size standards and custom sizes as O-Rings.
  • Readily available in USA AS568 standard sized NBR Buna-N and FKM.
  • Not recommended for pressures >500 psi.
  • X-Rings may not be available in all compounds.
  • Custom size X-Rings can require a tooling cost in some compounds.
Square Ring Cross Section

Square Rings and Washers

  • 70 Duro NBR Buna-N USA standard sized Square Rings in stock.
  • Standard size Square Rings fit in USA standard O-Ring gland designs.
  • Custom Size Square-Rings and Washers typically have NO TOOLING FEE .
  • Square-Rings and Washers can be made in almost any material, color, durometer .
  • Recommended for static applications with high sealing load force is required.
  • Consider X-Rings for slow dynamic applications.
O-ring Cord Coil

O-Ring Cord

O-ring Contour Backup Ring Cross Section

Back-up Rings for High Pressure

  • Back-Up Rings used with O-Rings at pressures > 1500 psi or big extrusion gaps
  • Back-Up Rings are designed to limit O-Ring clearnace gap extrusion.
  • Available in elastomeric compounds and PTFE Back-Up Rings.
  • PTFE Back-up rings can be solid, split, spiral, or custom for ease of install.
  • PTFE Back-up Ring size standards AN6244, AN6246, MS27595, MS28774, MS28782 and MS28783.
  • Elastomer Back-up Rings are typically contoured to conform with an O-Ring.
  • Elastomer Back-up Rings fit standard USA and custom O-Ring sizes.
  • Back-up Rings require wider glands to accommodate.