Terms & Conditions

Freight Incoterm: FCA shipping point. Product is buyer’s responsibility once in transit. Collect shipping charges on customer carrier UPS, FedEx or DHL account applies unless shipping is specifically quoted otherwise. Sea shipments can take up to 12 weeks, or as quoted, and are subject to tariff surcharges in effect at time of U.S. port arrival.

Order minimums start at $75 for stock items and $100 for non-stock items unless otherwise stated. Reduced minimums are available for orders placed through our web site: http://marcorubber.com/store.

Without pre-approved credit, payment is due prior to order processing via check in advance, credit card, or wire transfer +$50 bank fee. Credit terms may be requested with appropriate reference information and can take 4-9 days depending on reference response time.

Standard stocked items are only cancellable and refundable with written authorization within 180 days; restocking fees may apply. Non-stocked and custom items are neither cancellable nor refundable without prior written approval and restocking fees apply.

Discrepancies between quote and order details are subject to correction and mutual resolution.

All orders are subject to a quantity tolerance of +/- 10% unless otherwise stated. Please contact us with billing questions or issues.

U.S. state sales tax will be charged by law unless state sales tax exempt certificates are provided. Any import duty, tax, tariff, or any revenue or other national, Federal, state or municipal tax or taxes now or subsequently imposed by the United States government, upon the Goods and/or their containers, shall be for Buyer’s account, unless specifically otherwise stipulated in the quote and/or Order Acknowledgement.

General purpose standard commercial tolerances apply to dimensions not specifically noted including default drawing tolerance blocks. Tolerance information can be found at http://marcorubber.com/o-ring-tolerance-index.htm.

Variations in color tone and surface finish style (glossy vs matte) may exist unless specifically quoted. AQL 2.5 sampling is industry standard so potential for non-compliant parts exists, although very rare. Our products typically far exceed minimum industry standards. Higher quality and inspection levels are available and additional fees may apply.

Documentation and special requirements must be requested at time of quotation. If requested afterwards, this information may be subject to additional charges or may not be available. This includes but is not limited to the following: FAI, PPAP, IMDS, Batch Specific Test Reports, Raw Material Certifications.

Lead times are good faith best estimates. Faster lead times are often possible, please contact us for options.

Any warranty claim must be reported, in writing, within 30 days of the discovery. In no event shall Marco Group or its subsidiaries be liable for any amount more than the purchase price of the product for which a claim is made. Customer may not back-charge, counterclaim or set off its claims against payments due on its order.