Marco Rubber & Plastics Quality Systems Summary

MicroVu Measurement Interface Inspection Services

Marco Rubber & Plastics is an owner operated team committed to providing superior quality products and services that meet and exceed expectations by adhering to a continuously improving quality management system that benefits our customers, vendors, and employees.

V alue our customers through open communication, timely responses and continual improvement.
A ppreciate and foster an environment of integrity, challenge and fulfillment.
L everage efficient technology in all business processes to develop a productivity competitive advantage.
U nderstand and execute professional helpful customer service or a competitor will.
E nsure our Quality Management Systems are designed for consistent productive service resulting in happy repeate customers.

Resulting report summary from a recent medical device customer onsite audit

Section # Section Title Max Score per Section Actual Score per Section % Score per Section
1 Quality System Requirements 23 23 100%
2 Contract Review 11 11 100%
3 Purchasing 11 11 100%
4 Design Control 32 32 100%
5 Document Control 13 13 100%
6 Supplier Quality Control 7 7 100%
7 Product Identification and Traceability 6 6 100%
8 Process Control 14 14 100%
9 Inspection and Testing / Status 6 8 133%
10 Calibration 16 16 100%
11 Control of Non-conforming Product 11 11 100%
12 Handling, Packaging, Storage & Delivery 6 6 100%
13 Quality Records 7 7 100%
14 Corrective and Preventive Action 13 13 100%
SCORE 102%

Graphical Audit Score Report

Marco Rubber Quality System Scorecard

Our systems are are documented to the practical level required to train and consistently execute including a quality manual. Main areas of focus include the following:

An organizational chart is maintained

Situational Analysis - Qualification
Strategy - Internal Prep
Presentation - Communication
Opportunity Management
Contract - Order Management
Customer Management
Service Performance
Technical Sales Skills
Productivity, Organization, Prioritization, Time Investment, Urgency
Teamwork Collaboration
Leadership Skills
Continuous Personal and Team Improvement

Supplier evaluation, approval and ongoing quality management
Situational Analysis - Qualification
Presentation - Communication
Order Management
Productivity, Organization, Prioritization, Time Investment, Urgency
Teamwork Collaboration
Leadership Skills
Continuous Personal and Team Improvement

Strict incoming inspection based on product type and order instructions is managed by a database that was specifically developed by Marco Rubber. All documents are electronically stored, with detailed drawings and revisions when needed. Special instructions are routinely given to Incoming QC personal.
For critically marked components based on customer requirements, all parts are subject to FAI, using different methods and tools we have employed at Marco. For example, many of our custom parts are inspected using our state of the art video microscope system.
All drawings are carefully inspected and validated by a special committee formed by Engineering, Quality control, receiving..etc, this is all done electronically to minimize cost and reduce any waiting time.
First Time part requires a Vendor FAI and Marco Rubber Inspection report.
Subsequent parts requires Pass/Fail inspection stamp.
All Gaskets and molded products are 100% inspected.
Marco Rubber uses an sampling system per ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (formerly MIL-STD-105) where AQL= 2.5%  C=0
Conforming material is stamp pass and signed by inspector.
Non-Conforming material is stamped rejected, tag, reviewed by Quality Control and segregated in a cage.
All our inspectors have access to customer drawings, PO Requirements, supplier catalogs during inspection.
Marco Rubber does not do in-process inspection.
Marco Rubber does Incoming/Final inspection for all products and all inspection are finalized by Quality Control.
Inspection records are maintain and available for review.

All incoming material is properly identified and inspected for acceptance.
Test Report, MSDS sheets, Physical analyzes can be provided if required during quoting.
Shelf-Life material is identified, tag with cure date and expiration date recorded and monitored by QC.
Batch/Lot traceability is maintained through the supply chain from raw materials to finished components.
Marco Rubber uses a FIFO system.

All gages, test equipment and measuring devices are periodically inspected and revalidated at establish intervals.
All gages, test equipment and measuring devices are calibrated per Mil-STD- 45662, ANSI/NCSL Z 450-1-1994, ISO 10012-1 and ISO /IEC 17025.
All calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
No Employees tools are allowed.
Records are maintain to verify process calibration and calibration controls.

Surface Coating
Ultrasonic Cleaning and Packaging
Inspection and Identification Services
Seal Design, Selection and Reverse Engineering

Marco Rubber has written procedures for the control of non-conforming materials and return processing.
Corrective Actions request are formally documented.

Marco Rubber Quality Control reviews customer Purchase Orders/Contracts and change notices to make sure quoting reflects customer requirements.
Quality Control Department and Engineering Department have responsibility to verify those changes and make sure they are incorporated at the effective date.
Obsolete drawing are marked "OBSOLETE" and removed from all point of issue and use.
Applicable Engineering drawings are available at time and place of inspection.
Engineering change orders are readily available to inspection personnel.

Final Inspection is performed by Quality Control Personnel
Items are identified to indicate Final Acceptance
All records of Final Acceptance are maintained in our system
Quality Control verify conformance to all customer requirements in Purchase Order/Contract/Quoting.
Marco Rubber has sophisticated inspections tools such as MicroVu video inspection systems, microscopes and arrange of measuring tools all calibrated per  Mil-STD- 45662, ANSI/NCSL Z 450-1-1994, ISO 10012-1 and ISO /IEC 17025.

Marco Rubber has written instructions covering packaging, packing, marking and shipping.
Packaging and handling procedures are in place to prevent damage.

Instructions, procedures, guidelines, reference material are available in all Inspection stations.
Instructions and procedures accurately described inspections methods.
All instructions and procedures have Quality Control approval.

Records are kept on file for seven years

We continue to improve our technology infrastructure to limit the chance of disruption of a localized event.
Our facility has an automatic backup generator system.
Our electronic data is backed up offsite.
Our main systems can be operated from offsite locations.

CODE OF CONDUCT (Including Social and Environmental):
Part of our Quality Systems include adopting the principals of the EICC® Code of Conduct and in many cases go above and beyond to invest in long term success. Our management team is passionate about conservation of resources and continuous improvement which is reflected in our corporate culture. Our volunteer safety and wellbeing team is responsible for keeping our work environment safe and healthy like a recent upgrade of our break room facilities. Our benefits and incentive programs promote health and productivity. We continual are upgrading systems to ensure use of the latest energy saving technologies, like lighting motion sensors in low traffic areas and migrating to LED lighting. Our recycling program has significantly reduced our landfill waste. We maintain compliance as quickly as possible to all the worldwide initiatives to limit harmful substances and practices like REACh, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, Mercury Free, DEHP Phthalate Free, PCB, PBT, PBB Free, Bisphenol BPA Free, Brominated Flame Retardant Free, Animal Derivative Free BSE TSE.

EICC Code of Conduct Graphic

New Customer Hotline: 800-775-6525

Existing Customer Specialist: 800-775-6525 or repeat customers

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