Square O-Rings and Seals

Square Ring Cross Section Dimensions
  • 70 Duro NBR Buna-N USA standard sized Square Rings in stock.
  • Standard size Square Rings fit in USA standard O-Ring gland designs.
  • Custom Size Square-Rings and Washers typically have NO TOOLING FEE.
  • Square-Rings and Washers can be made in almost any material, color, durometer.
  • Recommended for static applications with high sealing load force is required.
  • Consider X-Rings for slow dynamic applications.

Square-Rings and Rubber Washers, are occasionally used in basic cost sensitive applications. Square Rings and Rubber Washers an be molded, machined, or cut cost effectively depending on the size, material, and quantity.

Consider replacing Square-Rings with O-Rings or X-Rings that often provide greater performance for the same or lower cost. Washers are often used when the sealing area is too thin to accommodate anything else. Complex and critical applications should be discussed with our engineering staff to ensure both performance and price are evaluated.

Square-Ring Sizes: 2-, AS568-, Custom (NO TOOLING)

Square-Ring Common Materials: FFKM, Kalrez®, Markez®, Perlast®, Chemraz®, FKM, Viton®, EPDM, Silicone, Buna-N, NBR, PTFE, Fluorosilicone, Urethane, Aflas®, FEP Encapsulated, HNBR, Neoprene®, Butyl, Hypalon, Polyacrylate, SBR, Custom, Plastics, Too many to list...

Square-Ring Compliance: FDA, UL, USP Class VI, NSF61, Conductive RFI EMI, Custom Engineered...

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