FFKM Sealing Solutions: Setting the Standard in Harsh Environments

FFKM Sealing Solutions

FFKM Sealing Solutions: Setting the Standard in Harsh Environments

In harsh environments, your seal is exposed to chemicals, extreme temperatures, high pressure, and more. For many industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceutical or medical, and semiconductor, this is the norm. Additionally, these industries face added regulatory requirements and production risks that can make finding the ideal sealing material difficult.

For many, the answer is often a perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) seal. Once you decide on FFKM, there are a vast array of options to choose from. Here at Marco Rubber, our signature FFKM material, Markez®, comes in a variety of compounds uniquely designed for industries that frequently experience harsh environments. For over a decade, Markez has served as a cost effective alternative to competitors’ FFKM materials while performing at the same level.

In this blog post, we’ll break down a few of our favorite compounds, including a new one, and the applications they are best suited for.

Why Use FFKM?

First things first, let us convince you that FFKM (or, specifically, Markez) is often the solution for harsh environments. 

Extremely Temperature Resistant

FFKM formulations can withstand operating temperatures as low as approximately -49°F (-45°C) and as high as 635°F (335°C).

Nearly Universal Chemical Resistance

FFKM is resistant to over 1,800 chemicals, solvents, and plasmas. 

Excellent Gas and Liquid Permeation Resistance

FFKM is nonporous, which allows for maximum permeation resistance.

Excellent Weather Ability and Ozone Resistance

FFKMs formulations make it an excellent option for outdoor use. 

Non-Flammable in Air

FFKM is both self-extinguishing and non-flammable. 

Low Outgassing Properties

FFKM has low extractables, even under high temperatures and low pressures.

Good Mechanical Properties 

FFKM o-rings offer excellent compression set and sealing performance.

Suitable for Explosive Decompression

FFKM, specifically Markez, comes in special formulations that have mechanical properties that make it suitable for explosive decompression.

Markez Compounds

FFKM, in general, has incredible properties, but specific compounds take the potential of the material to the next level. Here at Marco Rubber, we have dedicated ourselves to expanding Markez wherever we see a need. 

Markez Z1028

This is one of our favorite Markez compounds because it is so versatile. This general purpose FFKM material is suited for high temperatures with excellent chemical resistivity. Whether you are manufacturing semiconductors or drilling for oil, Markez Z1028 provides a powerful, affordable, general purpose option.

We stock Z1028 in all AS568 standard sizes. We can also make this compound in customized sizes, shapes, sheets, and more with a rapid manufacturing lead time. Z1028 is most often compared to Kalrez® 4079. 

Ideal Applications: General Purpose High Temp FFKM, Chemical Applications

Markez Z1352

This compound is a fantastic all-around chemically and steam resistant option for applications that use steam and amines. With aggressive acid resistance, Z1352 is often used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

We stock Z1352 in AS568 sizes. We can also customize sizes, shapes, sheets, and more with a rapid manufacturing lead time. Z1352 is most often compared to Kalrez® 6375.

Ideal Applications: Steam and Amines Applications

Markez Z1400

As one of the most thermally resilient FFKM compounds currently available on the market, Z1400 is a very popular choice for our customers. It exhibits fantastic chemical resistance, extremely low compression set over time, and a best-in-class heat resistance of 335 ºC (635ºF). 

Z1400 is used as an alternative to competitor options in a wide range of applications, especially those where resistance to harsh solvents is required. 

We stock Z1400 in many AS568 sizes and can also create custom shapes and sizes. Z1400 is often used as a cost effective alternative to Kalrez® 7075.

Ideal Applications: Semiconductor, Petrochemical, Paint and Ink

Markez Z1412

Specifically formulated for high temperature resistance of longer term exposure, Z1412 is suitable for environments that frequently experience high temperatures, high pressures, and explosive decompression resistance. With excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, amines, and acid resistance, Z1412 is a great material for industries that experience high exposure to these risk factors. 

Z1412 is one of our compounds that sets the standard in the sealing industry. It is NORSOK M-710 and NACE TM0297 tested. 

Z1412 is readily available and can be made quickly based on your need date if we do not have it in stock. 

Ideal Applications: Chemical, Oil and Gas

Markez Z1218

This is one of our newest Markez compounds. This line was specifically developed as an extremely clean, unfilled FFKM with excellent plasma resistance, minimal particulation, and unrivaled compression set. This combination of properties allows Markez Z1218 to be an excellent option for a wide range of CVD, etch, and metallization processes. 

With the extra element of chemical compatibility, Z1218 is recommended for applications where cleanliness and low outgassing is necessary. 

Z1218 is readily available in all AS568 sizes. It is also available in custom shapes and sizes. 

Ideal Applications: Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals

Markez Z1318

Z1318 is our USP CL VI, FDA, and cleanroom compound for use with active pharmaceutical ingredients and cleansing agents. Z1318 is specially designed to withstand steam-in-place (SIP) and cleans in place (CIP) procedures within pipes and vessels. 

Z1318 is readily available in all AS568 sizes. It is also available in custom shapes and sizes. 

Ideal Applications: Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Food and Beverage

Is Markez the FFKM Sealing Solution for You

Is Markez the FFKM Sealing Solution for You?

Here at Marco Rubber, we do not settle for average. Markez is our signature FFKM compound that has been rigorously tested for over a decade to ensure our customers have a solid solution for their applications, even in the harshest environments.

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and every iota of that quality management is demonstrated in Markez’s phenomenal success rate. Beyond its affordability and excellent mechanical properties, Markez comes with the Marco guarantee.

That is our guarantee that when you work with us, you get a dedicated partner in excellence. We are your sealing experts – and our success depends on your success.

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