FFKM Sealing Solutions: Setting the Standard in Harsh Environments

FFKM Sealing Solutions: Setting the Standard in Harsh Environments In harsh environments, your seal is exposed to chemicals, extreme temperatures, high pressure, and more. For many industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceutical or medical, and semiconductor, this is the norm. Additionally, these industries face added regulatory requirements and production risks that can make finding the […]

Flexible Graphite: The Sealing Solution for the Harshest Applications

Your seal is your first line of defense between you and dangerous spills, expensive repairs, and frustrating downtime. In applications that experience extreme temperatures and chemical exposure, finding a sealing solution can feel nearly impossible. That is where flexible graphite comes in. This unique material is produced by immersing natural flake graphite into a chromic […]

Industrial Logistics Optimization Through Your Vendors

Your organization’s logistics are constantly working behind the scenes to move your operations forward. Optimizing your industrial logistics can result in smoother operations, decreased cost, reduced waste, and more. Ultimately, a secret key to logistics optimization is collaborating with vendors to remove bottlenecks and improve efficiency whenever possible.  Before we can determine how to use […]

Problem Solving for Industrial Seals

The “one size fits all” approach rarely works anywhere, let alone in industrial sealing. In complex industries, such as oil and gas or pharmaceutical manufacturing, complicated problems deserve thoughtful and innovative solutions. Thus, for the best problem solving for industrial seals, you need a tried and true process combined with innovative experts to develop solutions. […]