Discover Markez®, the Signature FFKM Material from Marco Rubber & Plastics

Markez is a high-performance perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) material that offers unmatched value for the most demanding sealing applications. Using nearly identical ingredients as higher-priced brands, Markez compounds boast top-of-the line performance with strong high temperature, high pressure, and chemical resistance while remaining available and in stock at a more affordable price point.

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Markez was first introduced exclusively to existing Marco Rubber customers more than 15 years ago and has been market tested for more than a decade. The performance characteristics of Markez make it a worthy Chemraz® or Kalrez® alternative and warrant the price point for this FFKM material. More cost-effective than the brands it replaces, the investment in Markez is recouped through its many strengths, including wide-ranging chemical resistance and long life span. This means less frequent seal changes and repairs, fewer failures, and an increase in uptime — a productivity boost in the most demanding application.

Because it is proprietary, Markez is an FFKM material that Marco Rubber can design into any sealing solution — including custom shapes:

Popular sizes are available in stock with rush manufacturing options available.
Huge inventory of different mil-specs, thicknesses, and durometers are available.
Custom Gaskets
Die cut, water jet cut, laser cut, lathe cut, kiss cut or hand fabrication options are available.
Sanitary gaskets are available for the food/beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.


With a large number of compounds available, you can get Markez seals to address general performance, explosive decompression resistance, resistance to sour gas and steam, and much more. Below are two of the most popular formulations.


Markez has quickly become a FFKM material critical for use as a solution in difficult and demanding applications. Below are a few examples of situations where the material’s characteristics have proven essential in solving and engineering problems.


Able to match or exceed pricier brand alternatives in performance, Markez is the FFKM material that offers a better price and better availability. Learn how specific formulations for each of the perfluoroelastomers stack up in this comparison chart.

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Because of the inherent strengths of the material, and the ability to tailor formulations to enhance resistance to chemical, pressure, temperature, steam, amine, and decompression factors, Markez is essential in serving many high-value applications across virtually every industry.

Chemical Processing
Pumps & Valves
Petrochemical / Oil & Gas
Medical & Pharmaceutical
General Industrial
Food and Beverage
High Temperature

Technical Information

Depending on the specific compound, Markez adheres to applicable testing standards and is certified for use in several critical areas. View those standards and select Markez data sheets below.


  • USP CLASS VI - food & beverage standard
  • AED/NORSOK - explosive decompression
  • FDA COMPLIANT PER CFR 21.177.2600 - food grade materials

Explore all the ways Markez can improve your application performance

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