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A Singular Solution in the FFKM Space

Due to high-performance characteristics, perfluoroelastomer compounds (or FFKM) are in high demand for use in demanding sealing applications — and are expected to remain so in the near future. But with our proprietary Markez® material, Marco Rubber & Plastics can help organizations acquire that performance more easily and more quickly.

With Markez, you’ll receive all the benefits normally found in using FFKM compounds for your application, but you’ll also enjoy the ease of more availability due to our production of specific formulations and unmatched value.

Markez was first introduced more than 15 years ago as an exclusive available only to existing customers. But we’ve since enhanced our ability to offer Markez o-rings and seals for wider distribution and now can provide this remarkable material to anyone in a staggering amount of specific formulations designed to match exact applicational needs.

Today we’ll examine why Markez is the right choice for a sealing material when you need FFKM performance but require the availability of a proprietary brand.

High-Temperature Resistance

FFKM o-rings are specifically manufactured for extreme applications where uptime performance will have to contend with high temperatures that can potentially alter the sealing material itself. FFKM seals can maintain their integrity up to temperatures of 620 degrees Fahrenheit (generally speaking), which leads to more stability and resiliency in your application. This, in turn, results in better safety and security in the application and reduces costs in not having to deal with seal malfunctions and replacement.

Markez alternatives match, and in some cases exceed, the prescribed temperature limits for many of their FFKM counterparts like Kalrez® and Chemraz®. One example is Markez Z1400, which has a best-in-class heat resistance and can withstand maximum temperatures of 635 F (335 C).

Designed with enhanced extreme temperature sealing force retention, Markez Z1400 has an extremely low compression set over time — meaning that it retains or returns to its original shape and form despite prolonged exposure to high temperatures, and will continue to offer the proper seal for the application. This helps make this compound an ideal selection for long-term, high-temperature applications, as it combines excellent dynamic properties with long service life.

Chemical Compatibility

Typical FFKM o-rings and seals provide chemical resistance to more than 1,800 different chemicals, including hydrocarbons, oils, and fuels, while retaining stability at high temperatures. Markez also boasts the same broad chemical compatibility as alternatives while potentially offering better steam and amine resistance as well.

For instance, Markez Z2001 has nearly universal chemical compatibility and also claims high-pressure, anti-explosive decompression resistance. But the formulation shines in high-temperature steam applications where it provides top-of-the-line performance.

When tested for 72 hours against a group of FFKM competitors, Z2001 showed the best compression set under high-temperature steam conditions. When tested for 168 hours against other FFKM options, Z2001 was the only compound not to experience significant volume swell; while others swelled up to or over 20% of their original volume, Z2001 had a volume swell of less than 5%.

Another example of the chemical compatibility Markez provides can be found in the Z1352 compound. Its unique cross-linking processing results in increased chemical resistance to strong acids and improved hot amine resistance, making it well suited for general chemical and oil & gas applications.

Custom Geometry

Because Markez is a proprietary material Marco Rubber is able to not only supply seals in this material under an inch in size more efficiently, but we’re also able to use it in the continuously molded production method. This means we can create custom Markez solutions for infinitely sized o-rings or craft custom-shaped options using compression molding — such as X-rings, gaskets, pads, bumpers, or even a suction cup.

Combined with our general-purpose Markez offering — compound Z1028 — this gives you the ability to add FFKM performance to more applications. With broad chemical resistance, good thermal stability, and a low compression set, Z1028 can be implemented in a wide array of potential solutions. It’s commonly used in chemical sprayers, injectors, and reactors, and in lab instrumentation.

Lead Times

We know how important it is to acquire the right material quickly for your sealing solutions. Marco Rubber has made concentrated efforts to address and alleviate the supply chain challenges facing customers and has invested in FFKM materials substantially to help facilitate faster lead times.

Nowhere have those efforts paid off more than with our accumulation of Markez. With our heavy investments in standard sizes of Markez o-rings and seals, you’ll be able to drastically cut down lead times for essential FFKM solutions by working with a material that delivers the same (or better) performance without the wait you’ll experience in ordering brand name materials.

Learn More About Marco Rubber’s Proprietary Markez Material

With more than 40 years of experience as an industry leader in developing custom sealing solutions for applications worldwide, Marco Rubber believes the right seal is essential to long-term application success. That’s why we seek to understand your application thoroughly.

Markez gives you the tools to address any challenge. Our engineers can help you identify the right Markez compound for your application, or even reverse-engineer existing seals to find a better option from our Markez line. Available in custom sizes and compounds, we can deliver the customization needed from a high-performing FFKM material to take your sealing performance even further.

Marco Rubber & Plastics offers decades of application-specific material expertise backed by the world’s most extensive inventory and production network. Our industry-leading customer satisfaction and audit scores are built on our easy online ordering and inventory programs, adherence to quality standards, and a commitment to customer service and support.

Contact us today to learn more about Markez and how it combines FFKM performance with the accessibility and customization of a proprietary material for ideal sealing solutions.

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