Case Study: CPI Environment Solved with Dual Seal Solution

dual seal solution

The Challenge

Marco Rubber & Plastics’ engineering team was contacted by an equipment manufacturer to develop a seal for a challenging application in a chemical processing industry (CPI) environment. The seal was required to secure a dynamic piston at high pressure in a chemical injection pump, and as such the seal material needed to be compatible with a large number of chemicals. The typical seals that might be used in such an application — made with Viton® — were quickly destroyed by the chemical exposure. A dual seal solution seemed like the proper course of action.

The challenge was steep; implementing a dynamic seal capable of operating at 5,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) under dynamic conditions and aggressive chemicals in temperatures ranging from -22o to 200o F.

The Solution

After analyzing the requirements and evaluating a wide range of seal materials and their properties, Marco Rubber’s engineering team selected a combination of Markez® Z1352 elastomer and filled PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) materials to construct a two-seal system. The primary seal was constructed with Markez® Z1352, a perfluoroelastomer seal material with almost universal chemical resistance. The secondary seal was constructed with a wear resistance-filled PTFE material.

The Result

The combination of characteristics from the dual seal setup offered the best chemical resistance, low wear and greater durability, and structural integrity. The seals were tested under grueling accelerated conditions, and the dual seal solution met all the required performance criteria.

This is another example of Marco Rubber applying every tool at its disposal — innovative problem solving, its own proprietary material, technical expertise, and rigorous testing — to find a sealing solution to a challenging application.

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