FKM & Viton® O-Rings

For applications that demand endurance, choose Viton® O-Rings from Marco Rubber.

Maximize Temperature and Chemical Resistance with Viton® O-Rings

For applications that demand endurance, choose Viton® O-Rings from Marco Rubber. Viton® O-Rings offer exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals and temperatures up to 400°F. With one of the strongest seals of any material, Viton® O-Rings are key in industries where reliability is non-negotiable–including automotive, chemical processing, fuel and oil, and aerospace.

Marco Rubber stocks all USA standard Viton® O-Rings sizes and thousands of metric and non-standard sizes. When not in stock, we can make most custom Viton® O-Rings in a matter of weeks, without tooling fees.

What is Viton® Rubber?

Viton® is a trademarked brand of a fluoroelastomer (FKM) synthetic rubber. One of the most well-known and widely-used FKM materials, Viton® rubber is known for its high performance and durability in demanding industrial applications.

There are numerous Viton®/FKM formulations suitable for high temperature seals and chemical-resistant gaskets, including: A, B, F, GLT, GFLT, XLT, ULT, ETP, and TBR. To determine which Viton® O-Ring type is best for your application, contact our experts or review the chart below.

Viton® O-Rings

Choose Viton® O-Rings from Marco Rubber & Plastics

Marco Rubber & Plastics has been providing custom and standard o-rings and sealing solutions for over 40 years. With millions of products produced and shipped annually, we offer the world’s largest Viton® O-Rings inventory network. Whatever your industry, we are the experts your organization needs to seal the success of your application.

Explore and compare Viton® O-Rings by size, material compound, and compatibility below.

Specialty Resistances
  • Vacuum
  • Most Acids / Chemicals
  • Halogenated Hydrocarbons
  • Di-Ester Lubricants
  • Petroleum Oils / Fuels
  • Silicone Oils / Greases
  • Not resistant to Ketones (MEK)
  • Not resistant to Auto / Aircraft Brake Fluids
  • Not resistant to Amines (Ammonia)
  • Not resistant to Acetone, Skydrol, Ethyl Acetate
  • Not resistant to Hot Water and Steam (except specialty grades)
  • Not resistant to Low Molecular Esters and Ethers
Mechanical Properties
  • Good Wear Resistance
  • Excellent Comp. Set Resistance
  • Moderate Short-Term Resilience
  • Excellent Permeation Resistance

Viton® O-Ring Compatibility

Rating Scale:
Rating Symbol Excellent Recommended = Excellent
Rating Symbol Recommended = Good
Rating Symbol Not Recommended = Not Recommended

FKM and Viton® O-Rings Material Compound Comparison

The information on this page is to the best of our knowledge accurate and reliable. However, Marco Rubber makes no warranty, expressed or implied, that parts manufactured from this material will perform satisfactorily in the customer's application. It's the customer's responsibility to evaluate parts prior to use.

The temperature ranges presented on this page are approximations for dry air service only and should not be used to determine design specifications or end-use temperature limits. Actual temperature range of a compound in an end-use application is highly dependent on part type, hardware configuration, applied forces, chemical media, pressure and thermal cycling effects, and other factors. The most practical way of determining an end-use temperature range is testing in the actual application conditions. Consult a Marco Engineer for more details.

High temperature chemically resistant Viton® seals and Viton® Gaskets are in stock and available to order online. Hundreds more specialty compounds are available by request. Contact a Marco Sales Consultant or Engineer for more information.

Trade Names

Viton®, Fluorel®, Technoflon®, Dai-El®

Common Names

FKM, FPM (Europe), Fluoropolymer, Fluoroelastomer


  • Outstanding heat stability
  • Situational service life above 200°C
  • Excellent resistance to acids, fuels, mineral and vegetable oils and greases, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, non-flammable hydraulic fluids (HFD) and many organic solvents and chemicals.
  • Excellent resistance to aging and ozone.
  • Low gas permeability, low compression set.


  • Ketones (MEK,and Acetone) and Skydrol fluids.
  • Amines and Anhydrous Ammonia.
  • Low molecular weight esters and ethers. Hot hydrofluoric or chlorosulfonic acids and low molecular weight organic acids (formic and acetic acids).
  • Polar solvents, low molecular weight organic solvents and glycol-based brake fluids

Specialty Performance Polymer Types


Compound and Product Options

Not a complete list of offerings. Please contact a Marco Sales Consultant or Engineer to discuss additional options. See Popular Compounds list below for compound examples.

  • Internal Lubrication with Silicone oil, Moly and Graphite
  • High purity translucent
  • UL Listed
  • Conductive
  • WRAS, KTW and NSF 51/61 Compliant
  • USP class VI and 3A approved
  • Explosive Decompression Resistant
  • Metal and X-ray detectable
  • Increased steam resistance
  • DuPont Viton® specific
  • Specific and Tight Tolerance
  • Specific AQL Inspection requirement
  • Surface free of silicone oil
  • PTFE or Parylene Coated in choice color
  • Special tumbling for complete flash removal
  • Talcum powder on surface to reduce sticking
  • Specific packaging requirements
  • Special bag and Label requirements
  • Variety of colors available

Fluoroelastomers are referred to generically as FKM polymers per the nomenclature noted in ASTM D1418. In the SAE J200 ASTM D2000 classification system for rubber materials Fluoroelastomers are documented as a “HK”.

The key advantage of Viton® rubber is its dependability in a range of harsh conditions. Viton® rubber can withstand exposure to almost any substance, including aggressive chemicals, oils, fuels, acids, gasses, and solvents. It is also known for its ability to resist extreme heat–with a wide temperature operating range of -15°F to 430°F. (Lower temperature compounds are also available.)

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