Performance Seals Index

Our performance seals cover a range of applications across industries, operating under different temperatures, pressure thresholds, and chemical compatibility. Learn more about each type of performance seal and its characteristics and ideal applications below.

Spring Enenrgized Seal Cross Section

Spring Energized PTFE Seals

  • Rotary, reciprocating and oscillatory motions can typically be sealed with Spring Energized Seals depending on design.
  • Great performance in compressed gas waterless fracking seals, LPG and Liquid Nitrogen seals,
  • Outstanding chemical compatibility and extreme low temperature seal, cryogenic seal applications.
  • Low friction and long service life in demanding application.
  • Spring Energized Seals can operate < 3,000 psi custom < 60,000 psi.
  • SES can operate -280o to 500o F custom -400o to 600o F.
  • Wide range of spring energizing configurations based on application.
  • Seals are available in Rod and Piston Inside and Outside Pressure and unidirectional sealing configurations.
  • MSE® Seals, Bal Seals, Variseal®, FlexiSeal®.
U-Cup Seal Cross Section

U Cups or Lip Seals

  • U-Cups are designed for dynamic reciprocating applications up to 1250 PSI
  • U-Cups have longer sealing life than O-Rings due to lower friction
  • Also available in non symmetrical Rod and Piston configurations
  • Polypaks® are energized by an O-Ring to provide sealing force at low pressure
  • U-Cups can be designed for use in some reciprocating and rotary applications
  • Custom Lip Seals can be designed to perform in non-standard existing grooves
PTFE Teflon Seal Cross Section

Custom PTFE Seal and High Performance Plastics

  • Custom machined PTFE and High performance Plastics like UHMW PE, PEEK, Polyimide...
  • PTFE O-Rings, PTFE Seals, PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Lip Seals, PTFE Guides, PTFE Bushings, PTFE Spacers...
  • View our high performance plastic selection reference guide.
O-ring Glide Ring Cap Seal Cross Section

PTFE Glide Rings and Cap Seals

  • Designed to extend O-Ring sealing life in dynamic reciprocating applications
  • Typically suitable for slow and fast reciprocating speeds running dry or lubricated
  • Pressure up tp 3000 PSI in most applications
  • Compatible with all O-Ring materials
  • Cannot be stretched more than 5% during installation.
  • Not recomended in Rotary or Oscillating Applications
O-ring Contour Backup Ring Cross Section

Back-up Rings for High Pressure

  • Back-Up Rings used with O-Rings at pressures > 1500 psi or big extrusion gaps
  • Back-Up Rings are designed to limit O-Ring clearnace gap extrusion.
  • Available in elastomeric compounds and PTFE Back-Up Rings.
  • PTFE Back-up rings can be solid, split, spiral, or custom for ease of install.
  • PTFE Back-up Ring size standards AN6244, AN6246, MS27595, MS28774, MS28782 and MS28783.
  • Elastomer Back-up Rings are typically contoured to conform with an O-Ring.
  • Elastomer Back-up Rings fit standard USA and custom O-Ring sizes.
  • Back-up Rings require wider glands to accommodate.
O-ring Glide Ring Cap Seal Cross Section

ISO and KF Centering Rings

  • Centering rings are used to mostly in vacuum fitings to improve seal performance
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Oil Seals - Radial Shaft Seals

  • Consists of a rubber sealing lip, tensioning spring and metal casing
  • Keeps oil and grease in and contaminants out
  • Have a high chemical / thermal resistance
  • Can improve pump rates
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