PTFE Glyd Ring® and O-Ring Sealed Caps to Extend O-Ring Performance

Extend O-Ring Performance with Glide Rings and Sealed Caps

Outside Diameter Glide Ring
  • Designed to extend O-Ring sealing life in dynamic reciprocating applications
  • Typically suitable for slow and fast reciprocating speeds running dry or lubricated
  • Pressure up tp 3000 PSI in most applications
  • Compatible with all O-Ring materials
  • Cannot be stretched more than 5% during installation.
  • Not recomended in Rotary or Oscillating Applications

PTFE Glide Rings Glyd Ring® and Cap Seals to Extend O-Ring Performance

Glide Rings and Cap Seals are filled PTFE fittings that are installed with a rubber o-ring seal energizer for increased dynamic performance on both rod and piston configurations. Designed to be used in reciprocating hydraulic, pneumatic and dry applications at pressures up to 3,000 psi where o-rings and x-rings do not perform well enough on their own. Can be more cost effective than more complicated custom seals.

GlydoCap - Cap Seals

Glide Ring Cap Seal Cross Section

GlydoSeal - Glide Rings

Glide Ring Cap Seal Cross Section

Custom Cap Seal - for use in Rotary and O cilliatory Applications

Low-Friction Cap Seal for slow rotary and oscillatory applications.  Cap is designed with internal grooves for a reduced sealing contact area and increased unit loading.  The contoured surface on the cap outside diameter provides for increased contact area with the o-ring to prevent rotation against the o-ring.

Cap Seal Cross Section

·         Hydraulic
·         Pneumatic

·         Swivels
·         Rotary Joints
·         Rotary valves

GlydoSeal - Glide Rings depicted in Piston and Cylinder configurations

Glide Ring Cap Seal Cross Section