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heat resistant o-rings

Don’t Get Burned on Critical Application Seals

Heat and high temperatures are some of the more destructive forces in compound deterioration for o-rings and sealing solutions. When your application involves such factors, it’s imperative to select heat resistant o-rings to ensure safety, application execution, and the maximum chances for success.

High-temperature or heat resistant o-rings are designed to withstand extreme heat while continuing to provide a reliable seal between two components or surfaces. This makes them essential parts in demanding applications and environments like those found in chemical processing, or in oil & gas refineries and extraction operations. This type of o-ring, naturally, would also see extensive use in any scenario where heat and high temperatures are expected, such as in the aerospace industry or other transport applications involving engines

Extreme temperatures affect every o-ring material differently, and not every material will be a suitable choice in such applications. Some material formulations are designed to resist high heat, while others remain flexible in the cold. To prevent your o-rings from distorting or failing under high temperatures, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, extreme heat is known to degrade seals physically and chemically over time, leaving lasting damage to the o-ring. High temperatures can impact rubber seals by causing them to:

  • Harden and lose elasticity
  • Swell
  • Permanently deform
  • Change in volume and compression set

All of these potential effects will have a lasting impact on the o-ring, causing permanent changes in the gland that may ultimately lead to seal failure. When choosing heat resistant o-rings, you’re selecting materials and formulations that will better adhere to their desired characteristics despite the temperatures in which they’re operating.

Like all specially designed o-rings, heat-resistant versions are developed to be used in specific circumstances or with precise requirements. However, the seals in this category do come in several material choices in different formulations to give you the ability to match your application with the appropriate solution.

Acquiring the best choice in any scenario requires balancing the need between the operating temperature and the most cost-effective material option available at that performance point. Expert-level guidance from qualified engineers will be valuable in identifying the right choice for your situation.

Now, let’s look at a few of the specific material and formulation options available.

Heat Resistant O-Ring Examples

To prevent extreme heat from affecting your o-ring, begin by choosing an o-ring material with a low compression set; the lower the compression set, the better the material will resist permanent deformation. Additionally, check the gland design to ensure the o-ring is not over-compressed or experiencing excessive friction. Friction will lead to higher amounts of heat, which may exceed your seal’s capabilities.

You should also consider the presence of chemicals, liquids, gasses, and other assorted media in the application. Some heat resistant o-rings will not have the necessary chemical resistance to be the right solution given these other factors.


Viton is the brand name for a form of fluoroelastomer (FKM) material that offers excellent compatibility with a range of chemicals and oils while also providing resistance to high temperatures up to 400º Fahrenheit. Generally speaking, FKM is one of the most versatile and widely used sealing materials.

Viton offers specialty resistance against most acids and chemicals, petroleum oils and fuels, silicone oils and greases, halogenated hydrocarbons, and di-ester lubricants. However, the material has limited or no resistance to hot water and steam (except for specialty grades), Ketones, amines, and low-molecular esters and ethers. Viton’s excellent compression set resistance is well-suited to heat resistance, and the material has excellent permeation resistance.

Sample Formulation — Viton (FKM) V1000


Markez is Marco Rubber’s proprietary brand high-performance perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) o-ring material that delivers unmatched value for demanding applications. Made from nearly identical ingredients as pricier brand names, Markez compounds are more readily available and cost-effective solutions when you need high-temperature, high-pressure, and chemical resistance.

Introduced exclusively to existing customers more than 15 years ago, Markez sealing products are now available to anyone, anywhere. With many formulations available, you’ll be able to find the precise match to your particular application by consulting with our expert engineering team. Whether you need resistance to H2S gas, or explosive decompression, or myriad other specifics, there is a Markez compound that can fit the bill. Here are a pair of heat resistant o-ring material options.

Markez Z1400 — One of the most thermally resilient FFKM compounds on the market, Z1400 has best-in-class heat resistance with service temperatures ranging from 5 to 635ºF (335ºC), and can handle short exposures up to 662ºF (350ºC). Z1400 also has near-universal chemical compatibility, good dynamic properties, and an extremely low compression set.

Markez Z2001 — This high-temperature FFKM compound has universal compatibility with extreme resistance to high temperature steam, and excellent resistance to acids, amines, and solvents. With service temperatures ranging from 5 to 610ºF, Z2001 also displays good dynamic properties, a low compression set, and meets common standards for high-pressure AED rapid decompression protection. Also available in FDA and USP medical grade versions.

We’re Your Heat Resistant O-Rings Provider

With access to more than one billion sealing solutions throughout our expansive production network, Marco Rubber & Plastics offers a comprehensive line of heat resistant o-rings and other sealing solutions. However, the ultimate performance of a seal will depend on how well it matches the application itself. It’s important to discuss all aspects of your application with an application engineer to find and consider all the right potential solutions. With more than 14,000 repeat customers worldwide, Marco Rubber has proven it can be counted on to find the ideal match between application and sealing solution.

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