Case Study: Finding a High Temperature Laser Resistant Seal

high temperature laser resistant seal

The Challenge

Discovering a solution for both a high temperature and laser resistant seal was the focus for a medical laser equipment manufacturing company that approached Marco Rubber & Plastics in need of a particular set of requirements.

Given the nature of the manufacturers’ application, it needed a sealing material that could not only withstand high temperature ranges but also must not absorb laser energy or conduct heat when exposed to laser energy.

In addition, the solution must provide excellent sealability and occupy a small footprint. Performance is of the utmost importance given the nature of the industry as materials in the medical field have additional requirements, and the seal’s place within the laser device dictated limited space to be implemented.

The Solution

Marco Rubber’s expert engineering team examined each of these factors and landed on a custom, proprietary solution. The material choice was the most important factor in this particular case; The decision was made to go with Markez®, compound Z1407. This particular compound, a perfluoroelastomer material, was developed for applications such as plasma, wet wafer processing, lasers, and medical where high performance and purity are critical. This compound is formulated with nanoparticles of PTFE which act as an ultrapure organic filler.

When seeking a high temperature laser resistant seal, Z1407 is an ideal choice. Capable of operating in temperatures of up to 536°F with short exposures up to 600°F, this material is both unfilled and translucent. Those last two characteristics mean laser energy will not be absorbed by the seal, while the seal itself still serves its purpose of providing excellent sealability.

The Result

The high temperature laser resistant seal was tested extensively. The material performed up to expectations, and the seal handled its job well. The seal met all the required parameters set forth by the manufacturer for both performance and safety.

Faced with unique circumstances, the engineering team at Marco Rubber turned to its experience and expertise to find the right solution. It’s another example of Marco Rubber’s ability to turn challenging parameters for demanding applications into satisfying solutions.

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