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We are experienced with the demanding applications found in the semiconductor industry.

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Selecting the best Material or Seal Design can:
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Semiconductor Solar and LCD Manufacturing

Semiconductor production environments can represent some of the harshest environments that O-ring seals can encounter, processes can be very diverse from High heat, aggressive plasma, hot wet chemicals and Amines, and remote NF3 cleans, through the years different elastomeric materials have been developed to successfully handle such conditions like Kalrez®, Chemraz®, Perlast® and others, Marco has developed its own brand name Markez® Perfluoroelastomer materials that are equivalent but offer a cost advantage to others. An easy to use table is shown below.

In addition to Markez Perfluoroelastomers, Marco Rubber hold extensive inventory in Viton® FKM, Fluorosilicone, Viton® Extreme and more, Marco also offers a range of large vulcanized O-rings, we understand that sizes of process chambers have gotten bigger for Solar, LCD and Semiconductor manufacturing, we can offer O-rings that are several feet in diameter if needed using a range of different materials.

Typical Product:

  • O-rings
  • X-rings
  • VAT bonded gates
  • KF fittings and accessories
  • PTFE Throttle valves
  • Wafer pad seals
  • PTFE seals and O-rings
  • SES spring energized seals
  • Giant size O-rings

Common Material Offered:

  • Markez® Perfluoroelastomers, Simriz® and
    Perlast® (Kalrez®, Chemraz® and Valqua® Equivalents)
  • Brown, black and white FKM (Viton®)
  • High Temperature Red silicone
  • EPDM in different colors
  • Polyurethane for belts
  • Blue Fluorosilicone for Ash and some etch application.
  • Vespel®, PEEK®, PTFE, Delrin® and more.


Through years of experience we have developed a database and knowledge of most equipment in the Market, we can cross reference most OEM part number, Examples, Applied Materials Producer®, DPS, Emax®, HDP Ultima®, RTP, Centura®, P-5000, Lam Excellan®, TCP9600, 9400 Metal, Novellus Vector®, Altus®, Speed®, Sequel®, Tokyo Electron..etc. In addition to that we have worked with OEM manufacturer to develop new sealing methods to solve existing problems or for new designs.


Marco offers any O-ring size with no tooling charges, we also offer X-rings also called Quad-Ring® Seals for dynamic applications in any material, and many of the popular semiconductor O-ring sizes are already tooled. We offer VAT bonded gates in Perlast®, Simriz® and some Markez® materials, we also offer some of the 200mm and 300 mm bonded slit valves in a replacement materials to Chemraz® and Kalrez®. There are many Shamban® and other spring energized seal products in the market that we could directly replace at half the price! Those are used on robot spindles, throttle valves and other locations.


Below is a list of some popular FFKM materials we carry for the different application in semiconductor processing.

Marco Compound # DATASHEET Color Duro (A) Custom Size
O-Ring Tool
High Temp F Strong Acids Hot Amines Semicon Wet Plasma Ultra Low Particles Comparable
Black 75 Free 608 (320ºC) checkmark checkmark Kalrez® 6375, 4079
Best value general purpose performance, higher temperature resistance, wide chemical compatibility
Black 75 $ 500 (260ºC) checkmark Kalrez® 6375
General purpose, good in most acids, solvents and a wide range of chemicals, steam resistant.
Black 75 $ 525 (275ºC) checkmark checkmark checkmark Kalrez® 6375
General purpose, improved acid resistance, solvents and a wide range of chemicals, steam resistance, best extractable performance
Black 80 Free 617 (325ºC) checkmark checkmark Kalrez® 4079 &7075
Wider temperature resistance range, general purpose high temp material
White 75 Free 575 (300ºC) Kalrez® 8575, 2037, 8085, Dupra° 182 & Chemraz® 513
General purpose white, good resistance to oxidation and high temperature exposure
Black 75 Free 620 (325ºC) checkmark checkmark Kalrez® 8900, 7075
Higher temperature resistance, excellent steam resistance, low compression set, low permeability and very low outgassing
White 75 $ 450 (230ºC) checkmark Kalrez® 8575, 2037,8085 Dupra° 182  & Chemraz® 513
General purpose semiconductor manufacturing applications, provides better compliance
White 75 $ 620 (325ºC) checkmark Kalrez® 9100, 9500  & Chemraz® DXZ
Improved plasma resistance higher purity higher temperature resistance, very low compression set over time.
White 75 Free 600 (315ºC) checkmark checkmark Kalrez® 8575
Improved plasma resistance, higher purity, wider temperature range, low extractables
Clear Amber 75 Free 525 (275ºC) checkmark checkmark Kalrez® 9100
Higher purity amber tinted clear, semiconductor and laser grade material, excellent plasma resistance, lowest particle generation available in 65 durometer
Clear 62 $ 536 (280ºC) checkmark checkmark checkmark Kalrez® 8002
Higher purity amber tinted clear, same as Markez Z1407 but lower durometer for lower compression force for delicate applications

Below are other materials that can be used in Semiconductor, Solar and LCD manufacturing

Marco Compound # DataSheet Material Color Duro-
High temp Low Temp Custom Size O-Ring Tools
Silicone (VMQ) Orange 70 500 -65 Free
Higher temperature resistant Silicone Great for Furnace and LPCVD applications
Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) Blue 70 350 -100 Free
Blue Fluorosilicone for O3 and O2 Ash and some etch applications. Similar to Parker L1120
Polyurethane  (PU) Translucent 70 250 -65 Free
High performance 70 durometer Polyurethane, very pure and high abrasion resistance, good for wafer pads
FKM Viton® (A) Fluorocarbon Black 75 437 -15 Free
Lowest cost highest inventory general purpose commodity FKM  Similar to Parker V0747-75
FKM Viton® (A) Fluorocarbon Brown 75 437 -15 Free
General purpose brown FKM, improved oxidation resistance, similar to Parker V884
FKM Viton® (ETP) Fluorocarbon Black 75 437 -6 Free
Best FKM family chemical resistance, known as Viton® ETP, improved base, amines, ketones, MTBE, MEK, MIBK
PTFE Solid (Virgin) Teflon®
High Performance Plastic
White N/A 500 -250 Free
General purpose extreme chemical resistant rigged plastic only seals in limited applications  (consider FFKM)
FEP (Teflon®)
Encapsulated Silicone
Orange Core N/A 400 -80 Free
General purpose extreme chemical resistant FEP (Teflon®) cover with Silicone Solid core (consider FFKM)
FEP (Teflon®)
Encapsulated Viton
Black Core N/A 400 -15 Free
General purpose extreme chemical resistant FEP (Teflon®) cover with Silicone Solid core (consider FFKM)
PFA (Teflon®) Encapsulated
Stainless Steel Spring
Silver Core N/A 500 -400 Free
High performance extreme chemical resistant PFA (Teflon®) cover with Steel Spring core (consider Spring Energized PTFE Seals for critical applications)

The temperature ranges presented above are approximations for dry air service only and should not be used to determine design specifications or end-use temperature limits. Actual temperature range of a compound in an end-use application is highly dependent on part type, hardware configuration, applied forces, chemical media, pressure and thermal cycling effects, and other factors. The most practical way of determining an end-use temperature range is testing in the actual application conditions. Consult a Marco Engineer for more details.

High Performance Valves

Our valves will change the way you design and operate your equipment.  Our on/off and flow control valves provide an elastomer free, all metal actuator for an increased temperature range. Since our valves can be custom made, the application possibilities are endless. New Semiconductor Processing concepts can be developed due to the ability of the valve and actuator to hold very tight vacuum, can operate in the heat zone, and many other possible uses.


Precision fabrication of ultra-hard materials including:
High Purity Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Nitride, Silicon Nitride, Tungsten Carbide, Sapphire and many more.


High Vacuum Components - Centering Rings

Applied Materials P-5000 Slit Valve Door Seal Solution

  • Eliminate Installation Errors and Variations
  • Reduce Particle Generation caused by O-Ring Movement in the Gland
  • Increase Service Life with less Compression Set

Fluid Compatibility Guide

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