Profiles & Cords

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Silicone Profiles & Cords That Come With Options

Marco Rubber & Plastics offers high performance elastomeric materials and components for a wide range of industries and applications. We serve a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, home appliance, energy, medical, pharmaceutical, and more. 

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber that meet high temperature demands up to 300C and cold temps to -80C with continuous use from -50C to 204C.

  • Red iron-oxide formulations suitable for continuous use up to 480F (250C).

  • For more demanding applications, we offer special grades that can meet UL94V and FDA Food Grade formulations.

Our profiles and cords are designed to be chemically stable and suitable for use with many acids and alkalis. They are resistant to ozone, UV, and corona discharge and are available in a wide spectrum of colors and hardness ranges and use only the highest quality silicone rubber. We continually strive to have all of our parts meet both REACH and RoHS compliance standards.

At Marco, our constant aim is to help our customers receive a high-quality, high-performance part that exceeds their expectations.

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Silicone Rubber Profiles & Cords for All Your Needs

Since 1980, Marco Rubber & Plastics has been providing solutions that go beyond standard catalog or commodity solutions. Our application-specific material expertise combined with our industry-leading customer service has led to satisfied customers for over 40 years. Marco continues to service your every need with our highly qualified sales and technical assistance teams. Together we offer a variety of specialty profiles and cords. This variety paired with our unique competitive advantage will exceed your expectations.

We currently offer a variety of base profiles and cords with multiple customization options including length, diameter, color, hardness, and exact specifications. We can also cut to length, package, apply Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and bonding of your profiles.

  • Silicone Rubber Cord
  • Silicone Rubber Custom Profiles
  • Expanded Silicone Rubber Cord
  • Expanded Closed-Cell Silicone Rubber Profiles (square/rectangular)
  • Expanded Closed-Cell Silicone Rubber Custom Profiles
When you need high quality profiles and cords, customized to your exact needs, Marco Rubber & Plastics will deliver with the precision and expertise needed. With a commitment to production quality and a reliable delivery schedule, we are a trusted partner serving all of your sealing needs.
Marco Rubber & Plastics is a global manufacturer and industry-leading supplier of customized and standard sealing solutions. We couple the world’s most extensive inventory and production network — with more than 1 billion products — with deep technical expertise and fast and easy online ordering and inventory programs to produce industry-leading customer satisfaction and audit scores.
Engineering a New Part and have Questions? Speak with an engineer at 603-468-3600 or