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Parker Super O-Lube is an all purpose, high viscosity silicone oil for o-ring installation lubrication. Available in a 2oz tube, Parker Super O-Lube can be used with most rubber o-ring materials to prevent o-ring damage and improve sealing performance. Parker Super O-Lube in stock, order online to ship today.

Parker Super O-Lube SLUBE 884-2 is compatible with most rubber sealing materials and can even improve sealing performance in high pressure and vacuum systems. Parker Super O-Lube excels in fluid systems and does not clog micron filters because there are no fillers. For ozone sensitive o-ring polymers that require age control, Parker Super O-Lube is an effective protective material.

 Parker SUPER O-LUBE 884-2 2oz Tube


General Features:
• Heat resistance – up to 204°C (400°F)

• Cold flexibility – Down to -54°C (-65°F)
• High viscosity
• All purpose
• Not easily washed away
• Provides protection to age sensitive polymers
• Inert nature lends itself to wide variety of fluid systems
• Adheres with unusual tenacity
• Highly moisture resistant
• Will not clog 30-micron filters

Compatible with:
• Epichlorohydrin
• Fluorocarbon
• Fluorosilicone
• HiFluor
• Neoprene
• Nitrile
• Perfluoroelastomer
• Polyacrylate
• Polysulfide
• Polyurethane
• Butadiene
• Butyl
• Ethylene Propylene
• Polyisoprene
• Silicone1

1 Silicones require special consideration. Use only a thin film or Super O-Lube on silicone rubber if the temperature will exceed 300°F.

*There are certain situations that may exist where Parker O-Lube would not be the best recommendation. For guidance in handling these unique situations, contact our Engineering team.