LUBRICANT – Low Cost Universal O-Ring Lubricant

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High performance silicone based o-ring lubricant compatible with nearly all rubber sealing materials and mating surfaces designed to limit damage often caused during seal installation. Available in a 50g (1.76oz) tube, this o-ring lubrication can also improve sealing performance of some vacuum and high pressure applications. The Universal O-Ring Lubricant is an effective low-cost alternative to both Parker O-Lube and Parker Super O-Lube. O-LUBE-UNI-50G in stock, order online to ship today.

Universal O-Ring Lubricant

Universal O-Ring Lubricant – Lower Cost Super O-Lube Alternative


Instructions: apply a thin film for best results, especially on silicone products. Not for human use or contact. Not age sensitive, but best within one year of opening. Dispose of o-ring lubricant in accordance with local regulations.

Chemical Properties: Inert to most chemicals, moisture resistant, suitable for 30 micron filter use. Typical uses range from -65ºF to 400ºF. Contains Methyl Silicone CAS# 63148-62-9.