Aflas® O-Rings

Aflas O-Rings
Aflas® O-Rings

Aflas® o-rings provide excellent chemical, high temperature, and steam resistance. TFE/P rubber, Aflas® fluoropolymer materials provide dependable sealing performance in water, steam bases, and caustic environments resulting in their typical use in the oil exploration and drilling industry.

Aflas® o-rings from Marco Rubber are in-stock and ready to ship – custom specifications can typically be accommodated with no additional tooling fees within a few weeks. Leverage the direct pricing power of the world’s largest o-ring inventory network and order Aflas® o-rings online today!

Recommended Use Not Recommended For Mechanical Properties
Most Acids / Solvents
Halogenated Hydrocarbons
Di-Ester Lubricants
Petroleum Oils / Fuels
Amines (Ammonia)
Ketones (MEK)
Auto / Aircraft Brake Fluids
Acetone, Skydrol, Ethyl Acetate
Low Molecular Esters and Ethers
Good Wear Resistance
Moderate Compression Set Resistance
Moderate Short-Term Resilience
Excellent Permeation Resistance

Popular Aflas® O-Rings Compounds:

Hundreds more specialty compounds available. Contact a Marco Sales Consultant or Engineer for more information.

Marco CPD# Datasheet Color Duro (Shore A) Relative Price Typical Inventory Level High Temp (F) Low Temp (F) Features
L1000 Black 80 O-ring Material Price 5 Med 450 15 General purpose Aflas ®, steam resistant, sour gas resistant, acid resistance, for chemical and oil industries  (higher performance Alfas® versions avaialble for oil drilling environmnets)
L1003 Black 90 O-ring Material Price 5 Low 450 15 General purpose Aflas® with a higher durometer. Steam resistant, sour gas resistant, acid resistance, for chemical and oil industries. Good for high pressure applications
L1009 Black 90 O-ring Material Price 6 Low 475 32 Higher performance and higher durometer Aflas®, improved explosive decompression resistance, steam resistance, sour gas resistance, acid resistance, tested to Norsok M-710 for oilfield
L1011 Black 80 O-ring Material Price 6 Low 450 15 FDA/USP class VI compliant Aflas® material. Good for a variety of Pharma and Food related applications.

Aflas® O-Rings Temperature Range:

The temperature ranges presented above are approximations for dry air service only and should not be used to determine design specifications or end-use temperature limits. Actual temperature range of a compound in an end-use application is highly dependent on part type, hardware configuration, applied forces, chemical media, pressure and thermal cycling effects, and other factors. The most practical way of determining an end-use temperature range is testing in the actual application conditions. Consult a Marco Engineer for more details.

Common Names:

TFE/P Rubber, FEPM, Aflas®

Aflas® O-Rings Features:

  • Excellent steam and caustic resistance up to 400° F (204° C)
  • Resistant to acids, bases and highly reactive organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Amines and H2S resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • Radiation resistance up to 200 MRad of gamma-ray radiation
  • Excellent volume resistivity (greater than 1016Ω cm)
  • Excellent performance in SIP (steam in place), CIP (clean in place) and WFI (water for injection) applications

Aflas® O-Rings Limitations:

  • Aromatic Fuels
  • Ketones
  • Carbon tetrachloride
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
  • Organic Refrigerants

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