Urethane Polyurethane O-Rings

Common Names:

Urethane, AU, EU, PU

Trade Names:

Adiprene®, Millathane®, Vibrathane®

General Description:

Polyurethane is an organic polymer. Polyurethanes are formed by reacting a polyol (an alcohol with more than two reactive hydroxyl groups per molecule) with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate in the presence of suitable catalysts and additives. Polyurethane is a widely used compound due to its superior strength, tear and abrasion resistance.  Polyurethane also provides excellent permeation resistance.

Popular Compounds:

Hundreds more specialty compounds available. Contact a Marco Sales Consultant or Engineer for more information.

Marco CPD# Base Material Color Duro (Shore A) Relative Price Typical Inventory Level High Temp (F) Low Temp (F) Steam < 300 F Steam < 400 F Compression Set Chemical & Solvents Sunliight, Ozone, UV Wear Abrasion Permeation Vacuum Petroleum Oils & Hydraulics Fuels & Gas Brake Fluids
1 = Great    2 = Good    3 = Fair    4 = Poor
PolyUrethane  Translucent  70  Med 250 -65  2 1
High performance 70 durometer Polyurethane
PolyUrethane  Translucent  90  Med 250 -65  2 1
High performance 90 durometer Polyurethane
PolyUrethane  Translucent  90  Med 180 -30 3 1
General purpose 90 durometer Polyurethane
PolyUrethane  Translucent  70  Med 180 -30 3 1
General purpose 70 durometer Polyurethane

Service Temperature Range:

The temperature ranges presented above are approximations for dry air service only and should not be used to determine design specifications or end-use temperature limits. Actual temperature range of a compound in an end-use application is highly dependent on part type, hardware configuration, applied forces, chemical media, pressure and thermal cycling effects, and other factors. The most practical way of determining an end-use temperature range is testing in the actual application conditions. Consult a Marco Engineer for more details.




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