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A Square-Ring is a sealing device made in the form of a torus, with a square shaped cross-section. It is available in a variety of elastomeric and thermoplastic materials. In most static applications, it is a direct replacement for an O-ring and generally will perform a high presure gasketing function as well as or better than an O-ring.

- Interchangeable with O-rings size for size (Standard AS568A sizes)
- Uses same groove as O-ring
- Can be used for radial seals
- Material is homogenous, no joints, no laminations
- Edges accurately formed
- Close tolerances held on cross-sectin, I.D. and O.D.
- Controlled surface smoothness, hardness, elasticity, toxicity, texture
- The modern, economical option for static applications
- Available in many compounds (readily available in Buna-N)


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