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Need line down O-Rings or troubleshooting help fast, we're on it.
Engineering product and design service, technical support.
Open to cost effective specialty performance O-Rings, we explain it.
Advanced Product Selection Guides and O-Ring Quote-Order App.
We are not catalog order takers, we are expert specialists.
Worldwide Integrated O-Ring Inventory Network, real-time access.
Want low cost commodity O-Rings for disposable use, we stock it.
OEM brand specific O-Rings like Kalrez or Parker, we supply it.

14,000+ repeat customers choose to source O-Rings and Seals from the Specialist

Our History

Marco Rubber and Plastics has supplied rubber and plastic components like O-Rings and Gaskets around the world since 1980 to a wide range of markets including Semiconductor, Military, Petro-Chemical and various industrial markets.  MARCO, originally  Marine and Aerospace Rubber Company, was initially a traditional distributor representing major brands like Parker Hannifin. The big brand service levels eventually became counterproductive so we began our journey to independence in the early 1990’s. Ever since we have been developing a network of partners with unique capabilities that allow us to provide a multitude of products, materials, and situational capabilities to ensure our customers receive the best product and service options available. This network has allowed us to craft our own line of Marco branded materials which utilize the same raw polymers and contract manufacturers as the big brands, but without the overhead and complications that result in high prices in lead times. Our Markez® line of FFKM Perfluoroelastomer compounds offers an alternative to Kalrez® with identical performance at a fraction of the cost. Marco branded product lines are managed by industry experts many with big brand experience who are directly responsible for the design, manufacturing, quality and service. Marco will also supply Kalrez®, Parker Seal, and other big brand products when appropriate. We operate from a 37,000SF warehouse and manufacturing facility 30 minutes north of Boston filled with one of the world’s largest inventories of sealing components. Our integration with top teir contract manufacturers and suppliers allows us to deliver product faster than it takes others to quote.

Our Present and Future

We appreciate the opportunity to become your new favorite supplier. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves by providing additional value with responsive service, a huge inventory network of quality products, and expert engineering support. Marco leverages cutting edge technology to maximize productivity and uncover competitive price advantages. In addition, we continue to develop market leading online reference tools and documentation. Our expanding web presence allows us to offer discounts for ordering online for a growing percentage of our product line. We offer also offer blanketing and kanban stocking programs to prevent stock out situations and minimize product cost while reducing management workload and thus hidden overhead costs. Our technology tools allow us to integrate with customer systems to semi or fully automate business transactions and further reduce hidden costs. We deliver a competitive advantage for sustainable mutual success.  We look forward to the opportunity to show you why new customers often say: "I wish I found you sooner!"

Owner Operated since 1980

Specialty Performance Products Supplied by Exceptional People Delivering Priceless Results

Headquarters north of Boston, MA

Sales offices near Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, Los Angeles CA

Specialty performance products are quoted, manufactured and delivered with specialty requirements faster than other suppliers respond to inquiries and often at a lower price than their standard products.

Performance Driven Customers Value Sourcing from the Sealing and O-Ring Specialist

Talk to an expert today, don’t wait days or weeks for service. A live person answering the phone and we typically respond within a few hours to email and contact forms. Our sales-service team is full of professionals with the technical experience to facilitate the best solution for your needs. In addition to our front line team we have assembled the most experienced team of specialist in the industry.

Marco Markez® vs DuPont Kalrez®
The Marco Markez® FFKM product line manager has over 20 years of experience including production engineering and application supporting worldwide brands determine the best value product to perform in demanding applications. Markez® compounds have been developed to deliver targeted performance and value for many specific applications. Please contact us to assist in selecting the best material for the job.

Marco Spring Energized Teflon Seals and High Performance Plastics vs the market
The Marco Spring Energized Teflon Seal product line manager has over 25 years of experience including production engineering, application engineering and product development for an industry leader.

Marco Rubber Basic to Specialty Seals and Components vs the market
The Marco Rubber Seals and Components product line manager has over 20 years of experience including application engineering, product development, customer service and logistics.

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