Fluorosilicone O-Rings

Common Names
Fluorosilicone, FVMQ

Trade Name:  Silastic® LS,   FSE

General Description:

Fluorosilicone is a widely used elastomer that can be compounded to meet a wide range of applications.  The mechanical and physical properties are very similar to silicone rubber. However, fluorosilicone offers improved fuels and mineral oil resistance but poor hot air resistance when compared with silicone. This material is widely used in semiconductor Ashing equipment for its resistance to oxygen plasma. 





Service Temperature:


Popular Fluorosilicone O-Ring Materials

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Please contact an application engineer for assistance in selecting the compound that provides the best combination of performance and price for your specific application. 

Marco CPD# Base Material Color Duro (Shore A) Relative Price Typical Inventory Level High Temp (F) Low Temp (F) Steam < 300 F Steam < 400 F Compression Set Chemical & Solvents Sunliight, Ozone, UV Wear Abrasion Permeation Vacuum Petroleum Oils & Hydraulics Fuels & Gas Brake Fluids
1 = Great    2 = Good    3 = Fair    4 = Poor                 
F1001  View Datasheet Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)  Blue  70  High 350  -80  3
Aerospace Military Specification Mil-Spec AMS-R-25988 M25988/1-### per Mil-R-25988 CL-1 GR-70, jet fuel resistance
F1002  View Datasheet Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)  Blue  75 Low 350  -80  3
Aerospace Military Specification Mil-Spec AMS-R-25988 M25988/2, jet fuel resistance
F1003 View Datasheet Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)  Blue  60  Low 350  -80  3
Aerospace Military Specification Mil-Spec AMS-R-25988 M25988/3, jet fuel resistance
F1006 View Datasheet Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)  Blue  40  Low 350  -80  3
Jet fuel resistance


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